This is a display of just a few of the graphics I have created. They is absolutely NO spyware, virus, malware or any other malicious software in any of them.

The free graphics can be used on your web pages. They may not be compiled into collections to be sold in any form (either in commercial, shareware, or freeware software) I would appreciate a link or a reference to my web page (either link, or word of mouth advertising). Please save the graphic you wish to use (right click / save picture as) and not link to my site since the address may change frequently. I am the copyright owner since I created ALL of these graphics and the use of these graphics are royalty free.

(Firefox has issues with Paypal links so please use another browser)

Many of the graphics can be used as either MS Messenger (v. 7.x+) emoticons or as web graphics. Others, because of their size, can be used as web graphics only. They will be grouped according to use.

Note that the divider bars can also be copied and used for free - they are part of the free graphics too!

I know this page is huge - that is the nature of having a graphics page without overly dividing it.

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Both web and MS Messenger (v. 7.0 and higher) :

These are larger and suitable for the web, although they work well as emoticons too:

Messenger subject emoticons:

Web only and web subject: (Because of the size)

Un-animated buttons

Free 3-D Backgrounds

If you use these backgrounds for a windows desktop, make sure you set the desktop to tile the image

(click on each one to view it as a background in a new window)

Have you been wanting to add custom icons to your pages so they will show up in the bookmarks of those bookmarking your page but didn't know how?

Instructions for adding icons to your web page:

The simplest way, assuming that you do not want to use different icons for each page, is to rename the file to favicon.ico and put it in your website's root directory. When a user bookmarks any of the pages on your site, MSIE and Netscape (newer versions) will pick the file up automatically and use it as the bookmark icon. If you do not have root access, you will need to copy the icon to every folder containing pages a user might bookmark.

The other approach is to set up individual icons for each page using a line of HTML code. Simply paste the bolded text below in between the <HEAD></HEAD> tags:


Here are some free icons for you to use for your web pages. Custom icons can be created for you for a very reasonable price


Icons original size (32 x 32) :

How they appear when used as a Bookmark icon (16 x 16) :

Download all 12 Zipped Icons

GIF of the 12 icons for those who can't view them:

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